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Where to eat in Vienna


Viennese cuisine, international cuisine, luxury restaurants, trendy bars, Heurige, sausage stands or cozy coffeehouses: In Vienna you will find everything your heart desires! The famous Viennese Melange (delicious coffee with milk) is an expression of the cozy attitude to life in Vienna. The popular tradition of visiting a coffeehouse is appreciated by locals as much as guests in Vienna.

The Viennese Beisln and the new and hip restaurant and pub scene offer everything from traditional to modern.

Spittelberg | © WienTourismus/Gregor Hofbauer
Weinberge, Stammersdorf | © WienTourismus/Paul Bauer
Wiener Schnitzel | © WienTourismus/Paul Bauer

Gasthaus Stern

address: 1110 Vienna, Braunhubergasse 6
distance: 8 minutes walking

Alt Simmeringer Weinschenke

address: 1110 Vienna, Kaiser-Ebersdorfer Str. 42
distance: 12 minutes walking

Gaststätte Pistauer

address: 1110 Vienna, Ravelinstraße 3
distance: 7 minutes walking


address: 1110 Vienna, Etrichstraße 23
distance: 20 minutes by tram 71

Café bei Bösner

address: 1110 Vienna, Unter der Kirche 4
distance: 10 minutes walking

Simmeringer Landbier

address: 1110 Vienna, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 50
kitchen: Austrian, German, Bar
distance: 15 minutes walking

Concordia Schlössl

address: 1110 Vienna, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 283
kitchen: varieties of Schnitzel
distance: 10 minutes by tram 71